Experiencing Art: The Struggle

75-Vija Celmins- ENVELOPE 1964

ENVELOPE 1964 – oil on canvas

The Artist, Vija Celmins, statement on this piece: This small painting of a letter was done in 1963-64 when I was backing away from the large, gestural-inspired paintings I had been struggling with as a student. It is one of many paintings I did of objects in my studio that focused more on looking and less on what I knew. It became a new beginning for me.

How this ART impacted me:

I could see my intuition arriving here

it has torn through the paper and floated in the air.

why do I focus on what lays ripped here

why do I know that shadow that lingers there

how do I get past the perfectionist Virgo that blocks the gate

how do I bring forward ALL Libra, 5th house energy rate

I need to let go, of all that I know

Looking longer at what flows in front of me

My intuition feels; the channel changing.

Care to share any thoughts?

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